Temperature-controlled storage

We have the necessary infrastructure to receive all your merchandise and keep it in perfect condition until its distribution.

Each one of our plants complies with international standards for the safeguarding of your industrial refrigeration and temperature controls.

We have industrial refrigeration where the product is kept at temperatures from - 0º to 4ºC.
The product will be kept at -18º to -23ºC.
Almacenaje en seco
Dry storage
So that all your products are in the same facilities.

In addition to storage, we complement the service with services such as:

Reception, control, and follow-up of inventories
Inventory expiration management, in case of perishable products.
Validation of merchandise through scanning (bar code, providing the customer with specific information of their merchandise).
Specialized maneuvers (division of lots or any type of extra maneuver).
Online inventory consultation
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TIF, Verification Point and Sanitary Certification Center

We guarantee the proper custody and conservation of the products in our Federal Inspection Type (TIF) facilities; all our facilities are accredited for the handling and movement of animal products.

Each area of our facilities has sanitary customs which guarantee safety.

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