In-bond assembly

The only company that offers you a service of storage, freezing industrial refrigeration and added value to your product in the same place to offer you the benefit of a greater added value.

Our product range and process flexibility allow us to offer a wide variety of creative and attractive options for our customers.

Within our established assembly processes, we offer the following services:

Packaging, labeling and relabeling
We print with laser technology batch and expiration coding, outbond and nutritional stacks.
Kitting and promotions
High vacuum packaging


Cutting, slicing, boning and cleaning
Processing of semi-finished and finished meat products for production lines.
Metal detection
Cubing of products
Product assembly and presentation of seasonal kits for self-service stores.
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All kinds of processes that facilitate the production of added value in specific and air-conditioned rooms perfectly equipped for the strict handling of your merchandise.

All our areas are authorized by SAGARPA and we have everything required by the NOMS.

ARCOSA is the only company that has integrated warehousing services and the option to transform your products in the same facility. 

All our plants can perform this type of processes that give added value to customers by reducing costs and time.

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