Freezing and thawing tunnels

In each of these processes, Grupo Arcosa seeks optimization as we use our technology in the best way to ensure the preservation of food properties.

Quick freezing to bring your goods from room temperature to -45°C within 24 to 48 hours to the product center.

This allows stopping the decomposition process of the products to increase their shelf life and keep them at the optimal temperature for preservation.


Thawing tunnels

With this process we can cover the needs of the market; once we receive the notification of the product request for commercialization, we start the thawing process.

Our state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with the only two thawing chambers in Mexico (each with 24-hour cycles), allows the merchandise to be ready to arrive at its destination.

During thawing we monitor and control the temperature of the products to ensure that the entire process is homogeneous, this process has benefits such as:

Avoid loss of product in mass and decomposition
Dehydration of the product
Generation of microorganisms
Cooking of the product
Development of shrinkage

We maintain controlled temperatures according to the qualities and needs of your merchandise, always controlling the processes to comply with health regulations.

The speed of thawing depends on several factors such as: