The experts in cold chain in Mexico industrial refrigeration and freezing

Storage at controlled temperatures

We extend the shelf life of the products we store.

All our facilities allow us to maintain and control the desired temperature and humidity depending on the needs of the goods.

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In-bond assembly

In our facilities and with our experienced team we can offer detailed attention at handeling any product.

In our temperature-controlled processing areas, we make the confection or assembly of our customers' products, thus avoiding the loss of products or nutritional properties during their preparation, transformation, and commercialization.

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In grupo ARCOSA we have the best infrastructure; with our technology, we can provide fast freezing and thawing of your products.

In our freezing camaras, we take your merchandise from room temperature to -45°C to the center of the product in 24 to 40 hours.

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Tailor-made solutions

Thanks to our facilities and work team we have the capacity to adapt to any type of supply and market demand requirements of our customers.

We manage the whole process with high standards of quality and control to provide the best service.


Pallet capacity at group level


Tons of annual mobilization

Why choose us?

Arcosa has more than 3 decades providing our customers with the best solutions in industrial freezing and refrigeration storage of all types of perishable products in Mexico, stopping time with the highest technology from the moment we receive them until their delivery.

Our strategies and integrated services allow us to participate in the cold chainto offer your merchandise the adequate treatment for its commercialization.

We have the certifications that support us as the best option for the handling of perishable products in Mexico. We built all our facilities to provide the maximum health care in the management of animal and perishable goods.

We operate under the regulations: ISO 9000-2015 standards and TIF government facilities certification that support our services for the management of food and sensitive products.

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